We are a Health and Well-being Co-Laboratory with the support of Auna.

An open platform for Scientific Research, Innovation in Health-Tech, Health Training and Social Development of our Continent.

Our Story

In the last 12 years, we have witnessed and participated in:

… an explosive growth in health research in its different aspects

… a disruptive innovation in medical technology and healthcare practice

… new teaching and learning proposals for continuing medical education

… new models of access to allow the democratization of health

We believe that to generate real change,
we have to be part of it.
And we achieve it by collaborating to live life better, always.


Auna IDEAS is a meeting point for all our professionals and collaborators, associates and allies, and civil society.

A place for the exchange and acceleration of ideas and projects in favor of health, in collaboration with all the actors in the ecosystem.

Our Values


We think and act transparently and ethically, always and in front of everyone.


We encourage and lead disruptive change, embracing ambiguity to improve health and well-being.


We transcend our network and act as an open platform for anyone who wants to collaborate with us.


We break barriers and help all those in need, accepting our responsibility to the world around us.


We make data-driven decisions and strive to produce and manage cutting-edge medical knowledge.


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We bring together people with healthcare experience to enlighten us.



Reports and resources on our 4 divisions.